License Plate Lookup

A license plate lookup is a massively helpful service that helps you to find out information (like contact details, etc) for the driver of any car.

There are lots of different reasons why a person could want to use a service like this, and they are all legitimate as long as they are legal.

Whatever your reason for doing a license plate lookup, the service I recommend most of all is ...

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License Plate Lookup Questions

Where can you find free license plate lookup?
... At your state's DMV website. Since you did'nt include a state I cannot provide a more specific answer. Here's a link then~https...
Asked by Cindy

Where can I do an online reverse license plate lookup for free?
I thought I did this before but now all of the ones I look at want money. ... now that they have become popular there are not any free ones anymore
Asked by Daisy Indigo

Where can I get a FREE reverse license plate lookup for Illinois plates?
I have tried but all want ti\o charge something to obtain motor vehicle data via a license plate number (e.g., you were the...
Asked by amos

how do you do a REVERSE LICENSE PLATE lookup?
...out who owns a vehicle if I have a license plate number.... or if i can ... possibly... Drivers Privacy Protection Act 18 U.S.C. § 2721 et. seq. (Public Law 103-322) You can get it if you are law...
Asked by ASKALOT

i am lookin 4 a persons license plate i need 2 know a free place 2 look up ... i dont think so...
Asked by NO NAME

What website offers a NO CHARGE license plate lookup service. I need to know the owner of a vehicle that da.
reason to determine a vehicle's owner via a license plate number, file a report with the police...
Asked by amos

free canadian reverse license plate lookup?
... I have searched with no luck at all.looks like the gov.still keeps some things a...
Asked by suzannaramus

free license plate lookup?
... You can't get that information on the web for free. It should be available based on the freedom of information...
Asked by ava2082

Is there a way to lookup a license plate and figure out who the car is registered to? If so, how?
... Yes, but unfortunately, none are free. I know a cop and he wouldn't get the info for me because they weren't a suspect in a crime...
Asked by Slackerchic

how do i lookup a license plate number to its owner free?
... You cant, its called the privacy act and it is there in place for your protection as well.
Asked by sadler_douglas - 4 months ago - Other - Cars & Transportation - 4 Answers - Resolved Questions